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Chili Cook Off Contestant

Chili Cook Off Contestant
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Calling all cooks, well at least 10 of you, to join in a friendly competition to find out who makes the best chili.

Official Rules:

  1. All ingredients must be pre-cooked and prepared prior to the event.  All cooking is to be done in a sanitary manner.  The chili is to be brought "ready to eat."  Clever team names and chili names are encouraged.  As are costumes, for the bold!
  2. Traditional Pepper Chili is defined as any kind of meat or combination of meats, cooked with chili peppers, spices and other ingredients, with the exception of pasta, which is strictly forbidden.  Beans may be used in competition chili.  Competition chili can be vegan, vegetarian, or made with one or a combination of beef, pork, turkey, or venison meat.  Toppings of cheese, onion, cilantro, or others may be added for presentation.  Note:  no store-bought chili allowed or chili mixes.
  3. Each individual or team is responsible for cooking no less than six quarts of chili and turning in one pint of chili for judging.  Pint containers and judging bowls will be supplied by Bent Oak Winery (BOW).
  4. Each chili entered will be assigned a number by the judging committee, and each contestant is responsible for turning in his or her chili with that number by 12:30 p.m.  This is a blind tasting, please do not tell judges any information about your chili.
  5. Judges will vote for the chili they like best based on the following major considerations: (a) Presentation and Color: The chili should look appetizing; (b) Aroma: The chili should smell good (this also indicates what is in store when tasted); (c) Consistency: The chili must have a good ratio between sauce and meat (it should not be dry, watery, grainy, lumpy, or greasy); (d) Taste: Taste, above all else is the most important factor (the taste should consist of the combination of the meat, spices, etc. with no particular ingredient being too dominant).
  6. Each participant's chili will be distributed to the event guests with a wrist band, but only after an individual or team has submitted their chili to the judges.  BOW will provide bowls, spoons and napkins to the teams for distributing the chili to the event guests. 
  7. The Best Chili Award will be determined by the Judging Committee.  The People's Choice Award is determined by the public.
  8. First Prize: $100.00, First Prize Certificate, public announcement at the event, announcement in the BOW weekly email, other public accolades and bragging rights.  People's Choice Award: $50.00, a People's Choice Certificate, public announcement at the event, announcement in the BOW weekly email, other public accolades and bragging rights.
  9. All contestants must provide their own heating apparatus, such as a hot plate, crockpot, camping stove or canned fuel (e.g., Sterno).  BOW will provide the staging area and extension cords.
  10. This contest is for fun and friendly competition, please be courteous and fair to other competitors.
  11. Chili should not melt your taste buds.  Please label your chili: mild, medium, spicy, or waiver required with ambulance on standby.

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