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Bent Oak Winery initials (BOW) and "Wow - these wines are great!" thus the BOW-Wow Wine Club was born.

Member benefits:
  • There is no cost to join. You only pay for wines you receive and shipping (if required).
  • A member is defined as a single entity (aka a person).
  • A guest is defined as a member's spouse, significant other, partner, friend, space-alien, or zombie.
  • A complimentary tasting or glass of wine for you any time you come in.
  • If you bring a guest, they also receive a complimentary tasting or glass of wine.
  • Awesome wines are selected by the winemaker and are available for pickup or shipment three times a year (typically January, June, and November or as annoucned for seasonal changes).
  • Great discounts on wine all the time.
  • Discounts: 2-Bottle Happy Puppy = 20% or 4-Bottle Big Dog = 25%
  • 2-Bottle Happy Puppy or 4-Bottle Big Dog Options:  All Red, All White, or Mixed Red and White


Join the waiting list below and get a 5% discount on wines while you wait to become a Happy Puppy or Big Dog member:

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