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Debbie Bruce
February 7, 2024 | Weekly News | Debbie Bruce

20240207 Inventory Sales of the Week

Specials This Week

2018 and 2019 Bottle Sales while supplies last 

We will be open for bottle sales or online order pick ups Wednesdays-Fridays 3:00-7:00 or Saturdays 11:00-3:00 until further notice.  DON'T FORGET:  Get your wine for the big game!  Note:  discounts are for the same varietal - not mix and match quantities.

Mystery Wine of the Week $25

Are you up for a challenge?  You purchase the mystery bottle of wine.  We'll conceal all of the labels and foil with just the cork showing.  You and your friends taste the wine and try to guess the varietal. The wine may or may not be on the list above.  And you may or may not have had the wine in the past.

It's such fun as you try to channel your inner sommelier!  Let us know how you did and we will post the names of the winners on our website.  Good luck and have fun! 

Reminder: January Wine Club Release Pick Up

For those still needing to pick up your January release, you should have received a reminder email this morning.  You can pick up during our new hours:  Wednesdays-Fridays 3:00-7:00 or Saturdays 11:00-3:00.

Interested in Owning a Winery?

While we are currently evaluating offers, it is not too late to get your hat in the ring. If you are serious about your wine-stained dreams of owning and operating a winery, you are more than welcome to contact our listing broker, Dave Duce, and tell him we sent you!

Dave Duce, Partner, We Sell Restaurants, 512-773-5272,

Last Chance to Win a Bottle of Wine! 

Join in for the Super Bowl.  You select the winner and enter the total score for the tiebreaker. 

Existing Players OR New Players


  • Week 1:  2019 Sangiovese - Kathy Bonardi with 12 correct.
  • Week 2:  2021 Riesling - Gary Gorman with a tiebreaker and 13 correct
  • Week 3:  2019 Wild Eye Red - Janice Lehman with 13 correct.
  • Week 4:  2019 Blanc du Bois - Darren Mock with 14 correct.
  • Week 5:  2019 Tempranillo - Kim Rubin with 11 correct.
  • Week 6:  2019 Roussanne - Kevin Copeland with a tiebreaker and 12 correct.
  • Week 7:  2019 Dolcetto - Jean Gorman with 9 correct
  • Week 8:  2019 Sauvignon Blanc - Nancy Pais with a tiebreaker and 13 correct.
  • Week 9:  2020 Cabernet Sauvignon TX - Nancy Pais with a tiebreaker and 13 correct again!
  • Week 10:  2019 Barbera - Sara Ketcherid and Terry Webb tied with 10 correct and tiebreaker score of 47.  They each get a bottle!
  • Week 11:  2019 Trebbiano - Larry Ketchersid with 13 correct.
  • Week 12:  2019 Petit Verdot - Heather Danis with a tiebreaker and 14 correct
  • Week 13:  2019 Chardonnay - Debbie Bruce with a tiebreaker and 10 correct
  • Week 14:  2018 Vesenillo - Kim Rubin with a tiebreaker and 9 correct.
  • Week 15:  2019 TX Viognier - Roger Martinez with a tiebreaker and 13 correct.
  • Week 16:  2019 Aglianico - Debbi Raducz with a tiebreaker and 12 correct.
  • Week 17:  2020 CA Viognier - Larry Ketchersid with 14 correct.
  • Week 18:  2018 Zinfandel - Kirk Ethridge with a tiebreaker and 13 correct
  • Week 19:  Wild Card Weekend:  2019 Sauvignon Blanc - Jean Gorman with a tiebreaker and 5 correct
  • Week 20:  Divisional Playoffs:  2020 Dolcetto - Jackie West with a tiebreaker and 4 correct
  • Week 21:  Conference Championships:  2019 Zinfandel Reserve CA - Jeff Hoskins with a tiebreaker and 2 correct
  • SUPER BOWL:  2020 Dolcetto TX - TBD

Bottle Sales or Online ordering with curbside pick up remains available. 

  • WED-FRI  3:00-7:00 PM
  • SAT  11:00-3:00 PM

We hope to see you during your order pick up, to come in a buy a bottle or two, or just to visit us!


The Bent Oak Winery Team


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