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Debbie Bruce
November 29, 2022 | Weekly News | Debbie Bruce

20221129 Weekly News Splash

50/50 Raffle Ticket for a Holiday Basket

Join us in supporting the Central Texas Food Bank by purchasing a raffle ticket for one of Mrs. Winemaker's famous gift baskets. The raffle winner will be announced on December 15th (an extension of a week).

We will split the ticket sales 50/50 with the Central Texas Food Bank

$10 each ticket or 3 tickets for $25 (Do not have to be present to win)

Basket Contents:  4 bottles of wine - The Thanksgiving Family 4 Pack (2018 Pinot Noir Reserve, 2019 Vioginer TX, 2018 Lone Star Cuvée, and 2018 Vesenillo) that retails for $178, Olive Oil, 2 Stemmed Glasses, and many other goodies put together by Mrs. Winemaker worth about $300.

Get your tickets online or in the Tasting Room!

Get Tickets HERE!

Sugar Mamas Cupcake Pairing December 5th

Last Week to Get Your Tickets! 

Enjoy 5 wonderful pairings of Bent Oak Wine with Sugar Mama's Bakeshop Mini Cupcakes. The Baker and Mr Winemaker will discuss the shared and/or opposing qualities that make each of these pairings perfect.

  • 2019 Trebbiano TX - Notorious FIG- honey cake/goat cheese filling/ cream cheese icing/fig caramel/toasted pistachios
  • 2019 Viognier TX - Lil’ Gumdrop Mountain- Gingerbread cake/lemon buttercream/ sprinkles/ gingerbread cookie on top
  • 2018 Pinot Noir Reserve CA - Red velvet Oreo- red velvet cake/ Oreo buttercream/ chocolate fudge drizzle/ topped with a mini Red velvet whoopie pie
  • 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve CA - Christmas night-chocolate cake/ cherry  filling/ almond chocolate buttercream/ almond praline shard
  • 2018 Vesenillo TX - Tiramisu- vanilla cake soaked in coffee & liqueur mix/ mascarpone filling/ topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder

Get Tickets HERE: $30 Members and $35 Non-members

Wine with CASA December 6th

Last Week to Get Your Tickets 

Join us for a wine tasting in support of CASA of Williamson County. Limited seating will be available, in the Bent Oak Winery Tasting Room, with tickets available HERE.


Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Program is a nonprofit organization that serves children in Williamson County, TX by training volunteers to become a "child's voice in court." CASA offers children the critical components of consistency and support, enhanced by the comfort of a long-term relationship. The CASA volunteer also known as GAL (Guardian ad Litem) becomes a friend to the child, explaining what is happening, addressing the child's fears, anger, and confusion. A CASA/GAL is a team member working in a collaborative effort with the Judges of Williamson County, the County Attorney's office, Child Protective Services, Attorneys ad Litem, teachers, therapists and other professionals involved in the childs case. We want to bring hope for a brighter future into the child's life.


If you are unable to attend on December 6th, please consider joining Bent Oak Winery in support of CASA with your DONATION


Wine Ambassador, Elissa Pederson, will demonstrate her cooking skills this week with one of her famous recipes: Minestrone Soup.  We are looking forward to identifying the wine that pairs oh so well with the Minestrone.


Specials for Friday through Sunday:

  • $8 Minestrone Soup
  • $12 Minestrone Soup & Wine Pairing


Probably the last week for this Tasting Menu and Thanksgiving packages!  Also a few specials left over from the Thanksgiving weekend while they last.

Tasting Menu::

  • 2019 Trebbiano TX (bottle retail $28) - NEW RELEASE
  • 2019 Viognier TX (bottle retail $36)
  • 2019 Barbera TX (bottle retail $34) - NEW RELEASE
  • 2018 Pinot Noir Reserve CA  (bottle retail $62)
  • 2019 Aglianico TX (bottle retail $48)


  • $20 Tasting with a logo glass
  • $15 Tasting without a logo glass


  • $9 Viognier TX (retail $12)
  • $9 Aglianico TX (retail $12)
  • $12 Pinot Noir Reserve CA (retail $18)


  • $40 TX Do-Si-Do (retail $62):  2019 Barbera TX, 2019 Blanc du Bois TX
  • $65 Thanksgiving Zin & Chard PK (retail $100):  2018 Zinfandel CA,  2018 Chardonnay CA
  • $69 Thanksgiving CA Friends 2 PK (retail $106):  2018 Pinot Noir CA,  2019 Viognier CA
  • $115 Thanksgiving Family 4 PK (retail $178):  2018 Lone Star Cuvee, 2018 Pinot Noir CA,  2019 Viognier TX, 2018 Vesenillo TX
  • $135 Tasting Fab 5 (retail $208): 2019 Trebbiano TX, 2019 Viognier TX, 2019 Barbera TX, 2018 Pinot Noir Reserve CA, 2019 Aglianico TX
  • $179 Thanksgiving Love 6 PK (retail $276):  2018 Lone Star Cuvee, 2018 Pinot Noir CA (2),  2019 Viognier TX (2), 2018 Vesenillo TX

Leftover Thanksgiving Specials (will supplies last): 

  • $276 ($23btl) Case 12 Bottles of Christmas (all Texas) (retail $460/$38 btl avg)
  • $372 ($31btl) Case 2018 CA Cab Sauv Reserve (retail $744/$62btl)
  • $240 ($20btl) Case 2018 CA Chardonnay (retail $480/$40btl)
  • $300 ($25btl) Case 2018 CA Zinfandel (retail $600/$50btl)
  • $276 ($23btl) Case 2018 Lone Star Cuvee (retail $552/$46btl
  • $192 ($16btl) Case 2018 Roussanne (retail $384/32btl)
  • $204 ($17btl) Case 2018 Sauvignon Blanc (retail $408/$34btl)
  • $204 ($17btl) Case 2018 Vesenillo (retail $408/$34btl)
  • Perfect Pairings:
    • $24 2021 Rose & Holiday Box of Rosemary Almonds (retail $36)
    • $36 2019 TX Cab & Holiday Tin Sweet & Spicy Pecans (retail $56)
    • $25 2021 Rose & Jar Black Olives (retail $39)
    • $33 2018 Chardonnay & Jar Sliced Olive Salad (retail $51)
    • $28 2019 Roussanne & Jar Grilled Olives (retail $43)
    • $38 2019 Sangiovese & 2 Jars Olives (Beet & Blueberry) (retail $58)
  • Flat Rate Shipping (<=3 bottles $10, 4-6 bottles $15, >6 bottles $25)


Pinot Noir Reserve through November

Bottle $40 (retail $62) 35% discount

Case of wine only $372 (retail $544) - 50% discount ($31 per bottle)

This is an awesome deal at $40 a bottle, but buy a case to get a truly fantastic deal at $31 a bottle.  This Double Gold medal winner will please all of your gift recipients!

Also, our perfect pairing recipe for November is a Cherry, Brown Sugar, and Dijon glaze on a Spiral Ham. Both oven and slow cooker instructions are included.


AGLIANICO for December

Bottle $30 (retail $48) 37.5% discount

Case of wine only $300 (retail $576) - 48% discount ($25 per bottle)

The Aglianico is coming into its own and will be a great addition to your Christmas holiday dinner or entertaining activities. The tasting notes are: Hints of earth, tobacco and fig jam on the nose yielding to a complex, almost brooding, earthiness, with dried fig, and leathery tannic finish balanced by nice acidity on the finish. This Aglianico pairs well with BBQ meats, lamb, hearty dishes. Our perfect pairing recipe is Lip-Smackin' Oven Brisket.


Are you ready for some football? 

You can still get in on the fun and prizes even if you did not play each week!  Join us for the weekly NFL You Pick 'Em game.  You select the winners of each game and enter the total score of the Monday Night game.  Get your entry in before the Thursday night game and good luck!  (Note: You can modify the Sunday games until the 1st game starts on Sunday).


NFL You Pick 'Em


  • Week 1:  2021 Rosé - Dave Treacy with 11 correct.
  • Week 2:  2021 Riesling - Sister Winemaker (Marilee Catalano) with 12 correct
  • Week 3:  2019 Sangiovese - Erin Hiserote with 12 correct & settled via tiebreaker
  • Week 4:  2018 Chardonnay - Jenn Love with 13 correct
  • Week 5:  2019 Dolcetto - Debbie Booher with 13 correct
  • Week 6:  2019 Sauvignon Blanc - Roger Parkhouse with 10 correct & settled via tiebreaker
  • Week 7:  2019 Texas Cabernet Sauvignon - Corey Houston with 11 correct & settled via tiebreaker
  • Week 8:  2019 Trebbiano - Laura Brown with 14 correct
  • Week 9:  2019 Barbera - Jill Clary with 11 correct
  • Week 10:  2019 Viognier TX - Laura Brown with 12 correct
  • Week 11:  2019 Aglianico TX - Sister Winemaker (Marilee Catalano) with 12 correct
  • Week 12:  2019 Blanc du Bois - Calvin Lake with 12 correct & settled via tiebreaker
  • Week 13:  2019 Tempranillo - TBD

Upcoming Dates

Check out these important dates!

Smooth Jazz Sunday (2:00-4:45):

December 4th, Rodney Howell

Wine Down Fridays (3:30-6:30):

December 2nd, Heath Ham

December 9th, Joel Rapaport

December 16th, Anthony Basini

December 23rd, Dan Guevara

Sugar Mama's Cupcake Pairings December 5th (6:30-8:30 PM)

CASA Pocket Party December 6th (6:30-8:30 PM)

Upcoming Wine Club Release Pick Up Parties:

2023 Q1 - January 28th/29th - new date

2023 Q2 - April 15th-16th

2023 Q3 - July 8th-9th (inside the Tasting Room)

2023 Q4 - October 28th-29th

Reservations are recommended to ensure you get a table, but walk-ins are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Online ordering with contactless curbside pickup remains available. 

  • WED-SAT  1:00-7:00 PM
  • SUN  12:30-5:00 PM

We hope you find this email informative and we look forward to seeing you soon!



The Bent Oak Winery Team


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