Event Tickets

Visit the winery for specials on these dates (tickets not required):

Between 12:00-2:00, on Saturday the 12th, throw a buck in the hat for some winner-take-all BOW-Wow BINGO (or as we call it: WINEO). Card spaces will all be words related to Moms. Also between 12:00-2:00: enjoy a glass of our Mourvèdre for $5.00.

On Sunday, May 13th, there's music from Amy Hooper ( from 2:00-5:00. And, all day, Mom can have $5.00 glasses of wine, 10% discount on bottles of our Rosé with a  beautiful rose to match, and homemade flavored almonds to pair with wine of her choice.

Save the Dates for Release Parties on July 22nd and November 4th.