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Fall events are picking up:  Turkish Olives Pairing and Harvest Grape Stomp.  Get you tickets ASAP as these will go fast!  Scroll down to see tickets for all events!

Note the date changed on the Harvest Grape Stomp to October 22nd & 23rd!



Tastes of Smyrna Farms:  Turkish Olives Pairing

by Gulay Akkus Nart

Tuesday, October 11th,  6:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m. in the Tasting Room - doors open at 6:15 p.m.

Gulay Akkus Nart of Smyrna Farms is back presenting a Turkish olives and wine pairing.  Join us for this unique and wonderful event.  For those of you who attended our Tour of Turkey event, you know Gulay will provide us with another awesome evening.

  • Sliced Olive Salad with Chardonnay
  • Grilled Olives with Roussanne
  • Black Olive/Sun dried tomato/Rosemary with Rose
  • Blueberry & Beet Olives with Sangiovese
  • Turkish Dry Baklava

In addition to the pairings above, you will receive an individual plate of cheese, bread, and olive oil dip to help cleanse your palate in between pairings.

NOTE:  $5 discount for members will display in the shopping cart.

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Squish & Stomp at the 5th Annual Harvest Grape Stomp

Saturday and Sunday, October 22nd & 23rd, 1:00 - 5:00 out back of the Tasting Room Building 2-B.  

Harvest has been delayed due to weather issues in the High Plains.  As a result we do not have any grapes to stomp just yet so we are moving out our stomp event for about a month.  We are tentatively scheduling for the 1st weekend in October, but stayed tuned as we begin to get more information on the status of various grape varietals.

Join us for the squishing and stomping at the 5th Annual Harvest Grape Stomp!

  • Squishing and stomping the grapes in a barrel or bin (just like on I Love Lucy)
  • Recording your stomp by stepping on your tee shirt with your grape juice feet  Go home with your commemorative foot-stained tee shirt.
  • Plastic logo glass
  • Barrel sampling of one varietal

NOTE:  $5 discount for members will display in the shopping cart.  48-hour cancellation policy.

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