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2016 Tempranillo Texas High Plains

Our Tempranillo comes from Bingham Family Vineyards in the wind-swept Texas High Plains.  Tempranillo is Spain’s noble grape, but does well in the tough climate of the Texas High Plains producing a red, translucent wine with hints of cherry, strawberry, and plum and a soft, leathery finish.  We age our Tempranillo for 9 months in new American Oak, which helps round out this highly enjoyable, diverse wine.

The Texas High Plains is the second largest AVA in Texas, comprising roughly 8 million acres in west Texas, mostly south of the panhandle region.  The eastern border of the Texas High Plains AVA follows the 3000ft elevation contour line along the Caprock Escarpment, the steep transitional zone separating the High Plains from the lower plains to the east.  The elevation within the Texas High Plains gradually increases from 3,000 ft. to 4,100 ft. in the northwest portion of the AVA.  This positioning provides an environment of long, hot dry summer days, which allow the grapes to mature and ripen to proper sugar levels, and cool evenings and nights, which help set the grape’s acidity levels.  Grapes and wine have been produced in this region since the mid-1970’s and vineyards here have become the major grape supplier to wineries throughout the state.  There are over 75 Wine Grape Varietals planted in the High Plains AVA, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Grenache, Merlot, Malbec, Dolcetto, Mourvèdre, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, and Viognier.

$28.00 per Bottle
$302.00 per Case

Technical Details

Vintage 2016
Wine Style Red Wine
Varietal Tempranillo
Appellation Texas High Plains
Acid 0.664
PH 3.78
Bottling Date 4/22/2017
Alcohol % 12.5
Size 750 ml

Tasting Notes

Hints of cherry, strawberry, and plum with a soft, leathery finish.

Vineyard Designation

Bingham Family Vineyards

Winemaker Notes

Our Tempranillo was fermented using Vintage Red yeast and then taken through malolactic fermentation in neutral French Oak. Once malo completed, the wine was racked to new American Oak for finishing.

Recommended Food Pairings

American hamburger, chili chicken, jambalaya pasta, grilled spiced lamb chops.