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December 16, 2017

It’s that time again! Holiday get-togethers are fun, but all the decisions and preparation can also be stressful. At least we can lower your stress level with one aspect of your holiday gathering, choosing a good wine


October 14, 2017

As you may know, it’s harvest season. It’s time to get those beautiful juicy grapes off the vine and into the glass. There are a couple of steps between the vine and the glass.


September 15, 2017

Do you ever wonder where corks come from or why we use them? Do synthetic corks work just as well as natural ones? And what about those screw tops? Are they just for Two Buck Chuck?


August 17, 2017

Forget the apple.  A glass of red wine a day will keep the doctor away.  This is not just a random opinion.  It’s a scientific fact.  Yay!  So, if one glass a day is good for me, then 10 glasses per day should give me super powers, right?  Sadly, no.  It’s all about moderation, the key to life!


June 2, 2017

Let me get this straight - that’s Sangiovese with osso buco, Cabernet with steak, and Tempranillo with tapas. But wait, what about shrimp scampi? Chardonnay? Blanc du Bois? If I’m supposed to drink a red with hearty dishes and a white with fish, what do I drink with a hearty mussel stew? This whole pairing thing can be exhausing!


June 1, 2017

Do you ever wonder who the first person was to discover that rotting grapes could be turned into a delicious beverage? And who was the first one to have a little too much, leading to the first hangover? Come with me on a historical journey